Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

we have moved!


Ok we are moving to So this will no longer be updated. We we are moving forward very fast so keep coming back for more and more info on this project. Ok we also got some great new shirts that we are selling to help with the cost of making this film. Please check out the ordering info below.

Shirts $20 ppd.

paypal Ad 5% for paypal charges

Locally Buzzed
po box 1148 Grand Rapids Mi
all checks and money orders to Ryan Cappelletti

Monday, July 5, 2010

So thankful to get the great guys at Founders Brewery to sit down and share a couple pints with us this late in production last Friday. Heres a quick bit of Raw footage from an enjoyable day in Grand Rapids.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three teasers up!

Hey folks, Casey the editor here. Just working on some grunt work of editing in the Muskegon Studio. The Director Ryan just brought me 3 Schmohz Brewery, Pickle Tink Ales. He wasn't into them but man I LOVE 'EM!

Anyways, stay tuned in the following weeks to our site being upgraded to LOCALLYBUZZED.COM

In the coming weeks approaching the finishing touches of the Documentary we will be leaking some teasers for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a note from the editor...

Hi folks! Casey the editor here! Just got out of an official work day on the documentary. We can't show you a whole lot of the film yet, but once things start getting pieced together some more its going to be done in no time! Thanks for checking the blog!

Also be on the lookout for the 2 minute long theatrical version of our trailer at your local theatre!
If its not there, ask your local theatre to get ahold of us to show it! Thanks!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The new goal for this project will be one updating this blog more and more all the time. My goal is once a week you will see more and more news about this movie. Along with some short interviews that you will not see in the movie as a whole. We just got back from Shorts brewery and we enjoyed some great beers with the owner Joe. He sat down with us and we had a great interview with him. He had some really great things to say about Michigan and great idea's to make this state one of the best in the country. I am at a point where i truly think we are living in the best state in the US today. I understand its very hard to see that when we see so many of us without jobs, but really i see a light at the end of the tunnel. I for one am starting to buy and do what ever i can in this state. When you take a trip do it in Michigan. When you buy a beer buy Michigan beer. If we take the time to keep dumping our money into the people around us we will see a great difference in this state. I am excited for this film and I am also excited to be a part of this great state.  Check out what we drank on our trip up north.

KEY LIME PIE crazy beer kinda heavy for a 85 degree day, but i had to try it
THE MAGICIAN A dark red and my top shorts beer
THE GOLDEN RULE One of the best summer beers light tasty
THE ANNIVERSARY ALE So many different flavors in this beer! AND a high percentage of alcohol!

RIGHT BRAIN We spent two days at this place so don't judge me hahahaha
CASK CONDITIONED BEER very good but too hot of a day for this one
EMPIRE SPEER BEER Unreal it is made with local asparagus
LITTLE ITALY  HONEY BASIL Also very good you can taste the basil
SUN CUP Great summer beer
WILL POWER One of my favorite Michigan beers
(We also have a really delicious beer, but we can't remember the name of it... something along the lines of Katy Shut The Door? It was really sweet and light!)

At the store we got

In other news we are going to enter this film in Art Prize this year. The steps are being taken and so we will see how it comes out. I can promise you if this project was the winner we would do great things for Michigan. Also if you have not been to Shorts check out the pic below and most of this work to this place was done by Joe and his wife, Leah. They risked it all to bring you some of the best beer in the world. Until next time keep drinking michigan beer.

                                                          STAGE AREA OF SHORTS