Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 8... The last hooraah!!!

Our first stop on our last day at Corner Brewery in Yspilanti enjoying the day outside.

The crew in downtown Ann Arbor goofin around.

Enjoying some of the best food we had at Arbor Brewing.

Getting a very extensive tour of the brewing facilities at Grizzly Peak in Ann Arbor.

The Brewer let us try the different malts that they were using. He gave us close up views of the brewing process.

James having a rough day.....

Day 7.."The epic journey countinues"-Ryan

We started day 7 at Redwood Lodge in Flint, ranked best Brew Pub in 2008. Flint cant be all that bad with a place like this. We got to sample some of the best beers we had on the trip.

Casey the cameraman taking one of many naps.


Jill's dad got to meet up with us at Kuhnhenn Bros. in Warren.

Eric randomly ran into a co-worker/friend from the restaurant they work at together back in Grand Rapids....weird. We sat together and enjoyed the amazing creme brulee stout.

Stop 3 of the day at Dragonmead were we found some interesting items around the pub.

This picture was in the men's bathroom and was also a group favorite.

Dragonmeads unique tap handles.

Matthew observing the deer head at Traffic Jam in Detroit.

Matt and Cole taking notes of all the beers that we have tried so far.

Outside traffic jam checking out the unique plumbers fountain.

The owner/brewer of traffic jam took us around the block to show us the apartment building he bought to help save the neighborhood. Its very nice to see positive things happening in Detroit. The stories Steve had to tell us were very uplifting and positive.

Last stop of the night was across the street at Motor City Brewing Co. Unfortunately the owner wasn't available so we just enjoyed some beers and were on our way.

Day 6... the best/craziest day of our entire lives!

Day 6 we start at shorts Brewing in Bellaire. We were all very excited to get to shorts after an interesting night in Mackinac City.

Matt and Cole enjoying a beer.

Casey and Eric deep in conversation of events of the day.

BMoney lookin good.


Next stop at Jolly Pumpkin, Matt and Bmoney are observing the amazing decor.

Cole thinking about how good his life is.

Sitting down with Mike the head brewer/funniest man we got to meet. We had one of our best interviews of the whole trip at Jolly Pumpkin.

We high tailed it back to Traverse to catch the Snow and Suds festival in the woods.

You will enjoy this picture now and you will enjoy it later when Ryan finally dies.


Matt and Eric takin a leak in the toilets made of ice and snow.

Matt only wishes...

Jill and BMoney gettin ready for a good ole snowshoe race.

Cole chatting with locals while Eric is winding up a snowball that Matt is running from.

Eric and Cole hangin out with our new friends from Mt. Pleasant Brewing. We all had a great time at the fest and got to re-visit with some of the Brewers that we meet days before. Everyone was so gracious towards us at the festival.

Day 5..The day we almost died.

The crew waking up in Houghton.
We start are day at Keweenaw Brewing. We had a great tour and the following pictures are of us helping can beer with the brewers/owners. It was a great experience for all of us.

The crew giving a cheers of Keweenaw over a spring in the great U.P.

A picture of the spring that doesn't do a justice.

Day 4.. The Great Upper Pennisula

Ending the night knee deep in the U.P.

Red Jacket has one of the smallest brewing systems in Michigan. We got to hang out with the brewers and owners of Red Jacket after close which made for a very personable and great interview.