Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1... A Learning Experience

After a slow start both with the van and the camera, we started our journey a good 3 hours behind schedule .  The day started with lunch and beers at Hopcat, followed by a talk and tour with Steve.

B Money arrived with the van, and the trip began shortly after.
Eric lookin good, after a rough morning.

Next up was Schmohz brewery.  The owner Chaz was a very enthusiastic brewer.  We had a lot of fun talking with him about Michigan, and Michigan beer.  Don't forget to taste the water!

After Schmohz, the crew moved on to the Hideout.  We talked with the owner, and brewmaster Ken, and got along well with the locals. 


Onward to Middleville, and the Middle Villa Inn, and Micro Brewery.  The owner Steve was potentially the nicest person any of us have ever met.  He gave us a great tour of his bowling alley, brewery, restaurant, and banquet facilities.  He also made us a pizza with their specialty beer and fennel sauce.  Going in we knew nothing about this place, but after leaving we can't wait to go back again.

Our final stop for the night was Bilbos Pizza in Kalamazoo.  Unfortunately we arrived to late to catch the owner, but the bartender Robert was super helpful, and the beer was great (and only $1.50 a pint).


They also had an awesome Penthouse Puzzle game.  Jill was really good at it...

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